Black & White Koh Lanta

I've been in a bit of a photography rut

Given my amazing surrounds of Thailand, that might be a slight surprise, but I never quite anticipated the hangover of my 2016 photo-a-day conquest I forgot it was a leap year - that 366th day really got me. Something about needing to find a subject or scene, every day, that was compelling, interesting, etc... It just got me down a little by the end and resulted in me being a little reluctant to pick up my camera in 2017 (well, so far).

That said, I'm never one to get stuck in a hole and moan. Given that, I thought to myself "what can I do to dig myself out of this". Rather than picking up my camera, I decided to embrace a principle that I really believe in. Thats is:

Constraints drive creativity

I decided that I was going to try something different, use something different and focus on simplicity. That is, to create a collection of photos that use my mobile phone camera and shoot in black and white. And it's grown on me.

Most of my photography is amped up. Bright and vibrant. Heaps of detail. But these shots below, there about less. And I'm pretty happy with it. There's less depth of field, but more focus on contrast. I hope you enjoy them.

As for the how, these were all shot using my ageing Samsung Galaxy S6 using Adobe Lightroom Mobile. The process of shooting in black and white means I'm looking at things with a different lens (well, in my own mind) and the power of raw shooting, full control on a mobile phone is honestly quite remarkable.

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