The Queen Vic Night Market – An Evening in Pictures

The Queen Victoria Market always has a sense of hustle and bustle when it’s in full swing. From the regular day sessions, where there’s a healthy mix of “get your sausages” and “get the best fresh fruit here” being yelled from the spruikers, to the night markets where it’s much more of a wine and dine experience, as well as a crafty market vibe.

And as for me and my involvement, The Queen Vic Market were wanting to expand their Instagram presence, and they asked me to help shoot in their first ever Instagram Takeover. The pictures below are in order of capture, and really highlight a pretty typical night. From quietly kicking off, to some of the smaller details, the people, and then it’s in full swing, through to winding down and shutting up shop. For the sake of keeping them a little more ‘as shot’, they aren’t in the traditional insta-square format, but you can check out @thenightmarket Instagram page for some of the images below they featured.

To kick things off, here’s my introduction from the team. Ol’ mate @regularsteven is oh-so-serious, I swear 🙂

@regularsteven is taking over our Instagram tonight! #instagramtakeover #queenvicnightmarket #melbourne #melbournecity #market

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If you’re in need of an event photographer, please don’t hesitate to make contact with me and let’s work something out. Scroll on – I hope they paint a nice Night Market picture for you!

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