Old Timers, New Town. Smug Melbourne Street Art

Art by Smug | Managed by Juddy Roller | Commissioned by Citipower
Location  651 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

I don’t know what this piece is called, but when you look at it, there’s a story in it. You can just feel it and that’s what I love about great street art. It transcends from cool to meaning. What it means, guess that’s up to you.

When I was shooting this Smug masterpiece, it kinda surprised me how many people walked passed, totally oblivious to this monster 4 story piece of art that’s there for all to see. The only reason they saw it was because they saw me, my camera and tripod and suspected something was up.

Look around. Especially if you’re at the West end of Lonsdale Street, because this is something to see.


Feel free to download the 50 megapixel version for your own personal use – very suitable for printing. Please, don’t sell this. I’m not, you shouldn’t. Click on the image below for the 30Mb / 50 megapixel high quality download.

Street. Art. Straight Up.
Street. Art. Straight Up.

If you’d like this as a wallpaper for your mobile of phone, this will do the trick, just click and save. Same deal – don’t sell it!

Street. Art. Straight Up.
Street. Art. Straight Up.

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