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Melbourne White Night 2016 – Time-lapse and Photos

Melbourne White Night 2016 - Time-lapse and Photos

White Night 2016

White Night 2016 has happened and it’s been huge. I’ve been to a number of them, but this was the second time that I headed along with the sole goal of documenting it via time-lapse. The only downside to all this is there are some parts that I just can’t get access to. Looking online, there’s some great shots of the Melbourne Baths and the La Trobe Reading Room at the State Library, but for what this is worth, I hope it gives some idea. So here we go, Melbourne on February 20, 2016, like you rarely see it.

Watch the Night in 2 minutes

I’m up on Facebook, too…

I’ve also got a video up on Facebook – check out the direct link to watch it on Facebook.

White Night 2015 – How do they compare

To see for yourself, check out Melbourne White Night 2015 time-lapse and photos. See if you can tell which one I preferred…

White Night Melbourne 2015 – A Time lapse

White Night Melbourne 2015 - A Time lapse

What a massive night!

White Night Melbourne has just happened, and it was a big one. I headed along to try capture as much as I can with my camera (along with the rest of the world), and I’ve made a little time lapse clip from how I saw it. Massive cheers to Holy Moses Heartache for allowing me to use “Good Times” on the track. Check them out on Facebook, and buy their album Cheers on BandCamp.

White Night Melbourne 2015 in Time Lapse

All nighter required

And some photos

The photos below are all from the clip. Each video sequence requires about 250 raw images to be taken, and I’ve just grabbed a few out for some visual love below.