50 Photos – Image Gallery From Bali, Indonesia

Three Months in Bali

Having spent the past few months in Bali, it's been a great experience with a wonderfully diverse mix of scenery and environments. Amy and I have lived in the coastal area of Canggu and inland area of Ubud, and while both places have their Bali vibes, are unique in their own way.We've been busy doing house-sits, rentals and lots of rides around the country-side. And of course, I've always got my camera.

As a bit of an intro to the bigger gallery, here's a selection below. For the full screen experience, check out my 50 Photos of Bali image gallery. Pictures are pretty high quality, so sit back - hope they are worth the wait.

View The Entire Bali Gallery

For the full-screen, FIFTY-picture experience, check out my 50 Photos of Bali image gallery.

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